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Aaron Sachs

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Aaron Sachs (PROF)

Arts + Sciences / History

Graduate Field(s): History

Other Cornell Affiliations: American Studies, Science + Technology Studies, Society for the Humanities

Research Interests: Behavioral Adaptation And Response, Built Environment, Carbon Footprint, Citizen Science, Climate Change, Communication, Community-based Approaches, Ecocriticism, Economic Development, Energy, Energy Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Transitions, Environment, Environmental History, Environmental Humanities, Environmental Justice, Environmental Values And Ethics, Environmentalism, Extreme Weather, Fossil Fuels, Human Health, Inequality And Development, Inequity And Social Justice, Jobs And The Workforce, One Health, Politics Of Sustainability, Population, Poverty Reduction, Renewable Energy, Risk Communication, Social Ecology, Sustainable Architecture, Sustainable Communities, Urban Ecologies, Value Chains